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welcome center 1                                                                                                                                                                                   (A look inside the welcome center.)

The Rees-Jones Foundation Welcome Center
The Rees-Jones Foundation Welcome Center is the first place a visitor is welcomed to and orientated with camp. The Welcome Center houses an office, conference room, and a large reception area where guests check-in for programs, and weekend and summer camping. It also provides maps and information with suggested activities for all areas of camp accessible without a prior reservation. Some of the areas include the Energy in Motion Zone, the Sound Garden, and the Nature, Geology, and Trees Trails.

hoglund 1

The Hoglund Foundation Program Center
The Hoglund Foundation Program Center has been designed as a flexible space. It can be used as a single large program area or three separate classrooms to accommodate groups of up to 150. One lab area provides access to a sink, cooker, and refrigerator; a second lab provides indoor, wet, and dry lab space with access to a covered outdoor pavilion; and a third lab space provides a multi-use area. Programs include badge and journey workshops, and in-depth exploration of STEM topics such as robotics, coding, digital media, physics, chemistry, and engineering. This is the primary program space for K through 5th-grade girls.

moody tower 1
                                                                                                                                                                    (A couple takes in the sunset atop the observation tower.)

The Moody Foundation Observation Tower
The three-story Observation Tower rises above the tree line to help girls understand the expanse of nature and explore the sky in both day and night-time settings. The Tower includes an enclosed classroom space, which is home to our Astronomy Club. The Rosine Sammons Observation Deck at the top of the tower serves as a “classroom in the sky” for evening star gazing, lessons on topography, and more. The ground floor has an open-air classroom.

Ericsson Fiber Network & Infrastructure
Ericsson and GSNETX are working together to build a diverse STEM leadership pipeline that will benefit our entire world. As part of the process, Ericsson is helping to provide next-generation fiber connections for the STEM Center of Excellence, including fiber design, hard wiring, materials, and installation.

Smart Greenhouse 1000x644

Kathleen G. Putrah Connected Botany Space
This grow space is unlike anything you've seen! From aquaponics to the connected planters, the internet of things is on full display.

MakeHER Space

MakeHER Space
Crafting, building, and engineering dreams come true in this space with power tools, welding equipment, and a kiln!


Augmented reality creates a virtual archeological dig for fossils that could have been founded in our area. Follow the beacons to an actual hands-on dig site.

nature trail 1

Nita Prothro Clark Nature Trail
The Nita Prothro Clark Nature Trail is a half-mile trail featuring a gathering area, animal tracks and ecosystems educational signage, and an interactive outdoor curriculum. This trail is ideal for our Daisies and Brownies to explore nature.

 energy zone 1

Millie & Allan Bradley Energy In Motion Zone
The Energy in Motion Zone, designed by Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco, is an outdoor area where girls can explore a variety of hands-on exhibits on the concept of energy. Using golf concepts, girls will move a ball through a series of obstacles on a course, discovering the science of energy using simple machines and catapults as well as understanding scientific principles such as gravity, radial acceleration, tangential angles, and probability.

trees trail 1

Katherine C. Carmody Trust Texas Tree Trail
In partnership with the Texas Trees Foundation, this trail has been developed to highlight the variety of species of trees on the campus as well as to bring attention to the importance of trees in our lives. The trail is technology-infused. Troop leaders can use their smartphones to instantly access information, activities, and experiments at various points along the trail to enhance the girls’ experience.

archery range updated

Serena Connelly Archery Range
The Archery Range features a shooting range with a total of 15-20 targets surrounded by a 10-foot arrow curtain. The range includes a shaded structure surrounded by a low barrier fence with solar lighting and picnic tables. It also includes a storage shed. The facility will be open to the public for day use. 
More About the Archery Range

Amy Frazier Geology Trail by Lynne Mabry
The Geology Trail features a half-mile walking trail where girls will explore different fossils, test soil, understand rock formations and discover the natural escarpment on the backside of the camp property.

AT&T Ropes Course
At our ropes course area, she'll have her pick at a high ropes course, low ropes course, and fun team-building activities. The high ropes course features a towering three-person swing, a zip line, a ropes bridge, and a climbing wall. The low ropes course includes elements that are traditionally found on a high ropes course but have been placed close to the ground so that our youngest girls who cannot use the high ropes course can have challenge-seeking opportunities as well as team-building experiences.

music garden 1

Dallas Foundation Outdoor Soundscape
The Outdoor Soundscape features different instruments and signage that focuses on the science of sound and music in nature. In this area, girls will learn about sound as a form of energy, understand how fast and at what rate sound waves travel through different materials, learn about pitch, frequency, and amplitude of sound, and experiment with how tempo can change how we feel.

Marianne & Roger Staubach Sports Field
The Sports Field offers a grassy field for soccer or volleyball, a Ga-ga ball pit, and storage for sports and field equipment. Girls can make up their own games, fly a kite or a drone, or launch a rocket from this beautiful spot in the heart of camp.

Crystal Charity Ball Girl Exploration Center
The Exploration Center offers a 21st-century experience where girls can learn through high-tech, high-touch nature immersion. The building features a living roof, a solar panel shaded entrance, rainwater harvesting, and solar light tubes which minimize the need for electricity-powered lighting inside the building. External to the building is a grassy natural berm leading to the living roof, which makes the building appear as though it is part of the natural surroundings. The facility houses a dedicated chemistry lab, a general lab, and a computer lab. This is the primary program space for middle and high school girls.

 courtyard 2

The Boone Family Foundation Courtyard
We are honored to introduce The Boone Family Foundation Courtyard at the STEM Center of Excellence, dedicated to three Texas Trailblazers: Vivian Castleberry, Louise Raggio, and Virginia Whitehill. The courtyard is our only groomed space on the property and includes plants native to Texas as well as drought-tolerant plants that represent different regions of Texas. Read More About These Trailblazers

butterfly pavilion3

The Hillcrest Foundation Pond Butterfly Pavilion & Garden
The Butterfly Pavilion and Garden serve as a living laboratory for girls to learn from nature. Girls will have the chance to study pond ecosystems, take pond samplings, test water and investigate the water cycle. The pavilion serves as a shaded outdoor classroom to conduct citizen scientist experiments.

Aquatics Center
The Aquatics Center features a large pool with two low diving boards in the deep end, a 4-feet to 5-feet swimming area and a zero-entry area for non-swimmers. There is an attached building with bathrooms, showers and changing facilities. In partnership with Duncanville ISD, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas will offer underwater robotics programming in this space. More About the Aquatics Center

innovation center 1
                                                                                                                                         (A girl creates geometric patterns on the innovation center's magnetic fun wall.)

Texas Instruments Innovation Center
The Texas Instruments Innovation Center is a standalone building where Girl Scouts can gather in small groups and use their creativity to launch the design process in an inspiring environment. The Center will also be the home of our robotics teams and small groups who need a safe space for ongoing projects. The outdoor space will be incorporated for volunteers, parents, and staff to gather and celebrate the girls' accomplishments.

amphitheatre 1
                                                                                                                                           (Girl Scouts participate in a physics experiment on the amphitheater stage.)

Lisa K. Simmons Amphitheater
The Lisa K. Simmons Amphitheater is a gathering place where Girl Scouts, troops and service units sing songs, perform skits and participate in large group events while camping at the STEM Center of Excellence. Outdoor stage experiences have been a long-standing Girl Scout tradition where girls build self-confidence through public speaking and the performing arts.

Dallas Development Fund Leadership Center
The Dallas Development Fund Leadership Center will serve as a hub for training and equipping our volunteers the heart of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. Two interior classroom spaces – Ericsson Training Hub A and Ericsson Training Hub B – include training and instruction equipment, projection and sound. The building also includes a multipurpose room, sleeping quarters, and a kitchen area. Outside, three fire pits will be used to train volunteers on troop campfire safety. The Dallas Development Fund Leadership Center provides essential dedicated space to train and empower volunteers to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to Girl Scouts with consistent, proven methods that create a supportive environment for girls to discover their best selves.


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